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Tooth Extractions – Goodyear, AZ

Saving Your Smile from Painful, Problematic Teeth

Closeup of tools with tooth after tooth extraction in Goodyear

At Goodyear Family Dentistry, we work hard to help our patients maintain healthy, happy, and complete smiles for a lifetime. However, keeping all your natural teeth isn’t always good for your health, especially if a tooth is severely decayed, broken, or infected. When it comes to saving your smile from painful, problematic teeth, our talented team offers quick and comfortable tooth extractions in Goodyear. Read on or call us today to learn how this common dental treatment can potentially alleviate your pain, restore your bite, and improve your oral health.

Why Choose Goodyear Family Dentistry For Tooth Extractions?

  • #1 Talented Dentist with Years of Experience
  • #2 Sedation Options Available for Relaxing & Comfortable Treatment
  • #3 Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available

Do You Need to Have a Tooth Extracted?

Pained man with toothache in Goodyear

We don’t recommend tooth extractions lightly. If there’s a chance the tooth can be saved or repaired, we’ll likely first recommend a restorative treatment like a dental crown or root canal therapy. However, a tooth extraction may be the best choice for your long-term health and wellbeing if you have:

  • Extensive decay or irreparable damage in a tooth
  • Severe dental infection that could spread to other teeth
  • A baby tooth that has not fallen out on its own
  • Advanced gum disease or jawbone loss
  • Wisdom teeth that need to be removed, either to prevent future complications or because of impaction in the jawbone

The Process of Removing a Tooth

Goodyear dentist pointing to X-ray after tooth extraction

There are two methods for removing a tooth: simple and surgical. If the tooth that needs to be removed has fully emerged and is completely above the gumline, we can perform a simple extraction. We’ll numb your mouth and grasp the tooth with a special pair of forceps, rocking it back and forth gently until it naturally comes away from the gum tissue. However, if the tooth isn’t fully above the gumline, we may need to perform a surgical extraction. For this method, we’ll make a small incision in the gums to access more of the tooth and remove it.

The only way to know for sure what type of extraction you need, or if one is needed at all, is to come visit us for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your mouth thoroughly and make a recommendation. Together, we’ll work with you to plan out every detail of your treatment to ensure your comfort.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Patient holding medication after tooth extraction in Goodyear

To ensure your mouth heals properly and quickly, we’ll give you a list of specific post-op instructions to follow. Some basic tooth extraction aftercare tips include:

  • Take prescribed pain medication as instructed, usually before the numbness of the initial surgery wears off
  • Keep the surgical site clean by brushing and flossing around it carefully and rinsing with mouthwash gently. Don’t use mouthwash with alcohol.
  • Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest to encourage faster healing
  • Manage pain and swelling with over-the-counter pain relivers and by applying an ice pack or cold compress to the outside of the mouth.
  • Avoid hard, crunchy, sticky, sour, and spicy foods for at least several days

It’s normal to experience some swelling, discomfort, and light bleeding as you recover from a tooth extraction. However, if these symptoms don’t seem to be getting better after a few days or are getting worse, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away!