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Clear Aligners – Goodyear, AZ

Virtually Undetectable, Clearly Remarkable

Woman with straight, white teeth smiling outside

Orthodontic issues, like crooked or spaced-out teeth, can make smiling, chewing, and even speaking properly a chore. Decades prior, addressing problems like these required years of wearing metal braces and dark-colored wires – but no more! Thanks to SureSmile, our skilled dentist in Goodyear, Dr. Wheeler, can use virtually undetectable, clearly remarkable aligners to make your smile goals a reality. Schedule an initial consultation today to get started.

Why Choose Goodyear Family Dentistry For SureSmile?

  • Caring, Experienced Dentist & Dental Team
  • Digital Imaging Allows You to See Results Beforehand
  • Flexible Financing with CareCredit is Available

How SureSmile Works

Woman placing clear aligners in Goodyear in her mouth

At its core, SureSmile is a cosmetic dentistry treatment designed to shift crowded, spaced-out, or misaligned teeth into their ideal position. To accomplish this, Dr. Wheeler will create a custom treatment plan comprised of a series of clear aligners in Goodyear. Each set will incrementally move your teeth by applying just the right amount of pressure. Once you have worked through each tray, your smile will be perfectly straight, allowing you to smile confidently, chew properly, and enunciate clearly again!

Indications for SureSmile

Patient holding clear aligners in Goodyear

SureSmile’s innovative approach to orthodontic treatment can help patients with a number of issues, including:

Crowded Teeth

If you have crooked, overlapping teeth, getting SureSmile in Goodyear may just be the answer! After all, the discreet aligners can guide your teeth into a properly aligned position without calling attention to your care. Plus, undergoing this innovative treatment can improve your oral health by removing the small crevices that plaque, food particles, and other debris can hide in.

Gaps Between Teeth

Spaced-out teeth can also increase your risk of tooth decay and cavities because food can easily get trapped between your teeth and gums. Fortunately, SureSmile’s aligners can gently shift your teeth into a healthy, aligned position for a fully functional, absolutely beautiful smile.

Bite Alignment

Poor alignment isn’t just an aesthetic issue, it can result in discomfort when chewing and problems like TMJ disorder. The good news is that SureSmile can address a number of bite issues, including overbites and underbites.

The Benefits of SureSmile

Man with straight, white teeth smiling

If you and Dr. Wheeler decide that SureSmile is the best treatment for your unique dental needs and smile goals, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Faster treatment time – The World Journal of Orthodontics reported that SureSmile decreases the time needed to complete treatment by 34%!
  • Safety and comfort – Since SureSmile’s clear aligners don’t rely on metal brackets and bulky wires, they are significantly more comfortable.
  • Discreetness – Since the trays are virtually undetectable, you can breeze through treatment without having to cover your smile, hide in pictures, or feel self-conscious when meeting someone new.

How Much Does SureSmile Cost?

Smiling woman talking to dentist while holding dental mirror

Since SureSmile isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment, there is no all-encompassing answer when it comes to price. Don’t worry – our team will provide you with an upfront cost estimate during your initial consultation to ensure that you can get an idea of the investment upfront. We will also cover all of your financial options, from dental insurance and flexible financing to special offers. That way, you can find an option that makes sense for your wallet as well!

Interested in learning more about the process of getting clear aligners in Goodyear? Ready to schedule your initial consultation? Give us a call so our fantastic team can assist!